Pistorius Gets Bail in Murder Case as Hearing Ends

Crowds gathered in the courtroom, supporting the Olympic medalist

Olympian athlete Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail in the murder case killing of Reeva Steenkamp. As we mentioned before, the South-African hero has killed his girlfriend on February 14, claiming he thought he was shooting at a burglar.

The Pretoria court that held his hearing for the last four days has decided that Pistorius does not constitute a flight risk.

"The accused has made a case to be released on bail," presiding Chief Magistrate Nair tells reporters, according to Al Jazeera.

Pistorius is charged with premeditated murder against his girlfriend, with the prosecution trying to prove that, while the athlete did not plan the murder in advance, he took advantage of the moment when she went to the bathroom to kill her.

"He planned it that night when she (Steenkamp) locked herself in (the toilet)," argues Prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

"The fact that we have only one survivor of that tragic night is difficult for the state," he notes.

"He did not want to kill Reeva. He had no intent to kill Reeva," defense attorney Barry Roux responds.

Roux went on to clarify that it would be very difficult for Pistorius to leave the country at this point, with his face plastered over any major publication covers in the world.

"Let me tell you how difficult it is for this man to disappear from this world," Roux explained.

While the judge read the decision, the Olympian remained still, displaying no emotion. Throughout the hearing, he has been seen crying and holding his head in his hands.

A crowd gathered in the courtroom applauded the judge's decision to allow Pistorius to be free during his trial. Many of them are family members, while others are supporters of the Olympic medalist.

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