Pioneer Intros Dedicated Archiving Blu-ray Writers

The units can use a specially Blu-ray disc type that will hold data for half a century

Well-known electronics manufacturer, Japanese company Pioneer has just launched two new Blu-ray writer units that have a special archiving function.

The units are able to use a special type of Blu-ray disc that is guaranteed to ensure the data for over 50 years.

There are serious problems with archiving data these days.

HDDs usually break down and are currently too expensive to store data in redundant ways.

CDs and DVDs are only able to safely hold data and information without degradation for less than a decade with theoretical characteristics that might surpass this mark, but are not guaranteed.

Therefore, Mitsubishi has decided to take the matters into their own hands and the company will release a special type of Blu-ray disc that will be guaranteed to hold data for at least 50 years.

Pioneer’s new units are compatible with Mitsubishi’s new technology and also have special features that will ensure that data is recorded with the least amount of errors.

The new units are part of the BDR-PR1M series and the first one is called BDR-PR1M while the second is designated as BDR-PR1MA.

The new products don’t boast the “highest and fastest” write and read speeds, but are rather focused on delivering high-quality recordings and even have error recovery features.

Pioneer’s main goal was to adhere to Japan’s JIMA specifications on the reliability of the data storage.

JIMA is short for “Image and Information Management Association of Japan.”

Also, the recordings will surpass the ratings specified by the Optical Archive Group (OPARG ).

We’re glad to see that companies are starting to work together on delivering a more reliable way of archiving data on optical discs, as the current CD and DVD standards have much in common with the initial Compact Disc standard from over 30 years ago.


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