Pinterest Visa Gift Scam Advertised on Facebook

Two popular social media platforms are better than one

By on April 19th, 2012 08:42 GMT

We’ve seen that cybercrooks rely on adult pictures featuring Justin Bieber on Pinterest to promote their Facebook scams. As it turns out, they are also advertising Pinterest-themed schemes via Facebook.

Bitdefender’s MalwareCity reports that Facebook users may be presented with a post that promises a limited number of “Pinterest Free $150 Visa gifts.”

Individuals who fall for the trap and do as the fraudsters request (Share and Like the plot) are taken to a page that serves malicious content.

While in this case users are not taken to Pinterest as part of the scam, experts highlight the fact that scammers leverage these mix-ups between popular social networking sites more and more to ensure the success of their campaigns.

However, the rules to staying safe remain the same: never click on links that claim to point to websites that offer fabulous prizes.