Pinterest Rolls Out Tweaked Pin Design, Universal Menu Button, Wants Feedback

Pinterest is testing a couple of new features and changes

Pinterest, perhaps learning a thing or two from Facebook mistakes, is letting people know that it will start testing a redesigned site soon. Though it will only affect a small number of people at first, Pinterest wanted them to have a place to find out about it and know what's going on.

It's not a huge revamp, just a couple of additions and changes that seem like an improvement.

Still, the users that freak out over changes don't freak out because the changes are for the worse, they freak out because they don't like change at all, so we'll have to wait and see how this works out for Pinterest.

"We’re excited to announce that we’ll be testing an update to with a small group of people soon. With this update, we’ve tried to take your feedback into account. We’re eager to learn even more from some of you during this test," Pinterest explained.

Among the changes, users should notice the new "menu" button in the left corner. This menu button is becoming universal, it's used by Chrome, it's used by more and more mobile sites and apps and increasingly by desktop websites as well.

It's a good thing too, consistency across websites and apps from a large number of companies can only be a good thing.

Also new is the pin "preview" overlay, what you see when you click on a pin. The entire thing is bigger, the photos are larger but there's also more space to breathe.

The buttons are bigger and repins are easier to see. It's also easier to find pins from board or similar pins from other places.

Pinterest is slowly rolling out the changes and more should be coming in time. It's also listening to feedback, so if you don't like something speak up, just don't start yelling at anyone who'll listen (or won't) like some Facebook users are wont to do.


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