Pink Disoriented After Grammys 2010 Performance

Singer says she too got dizzy at one point while performing mid-air

One of the most entertaining and dazzling moments of this year’s Grammy Awards, held on Sunday in Los Angeles, was, without a single doubt, Pink performing live “Glitter in the Air.” As we also told you the other day, the singer sang while spinning on a trapeze high above the audience and, while accustomed to this kind of stunts, Pink too admits this one was a bit too much for her, as People magazine can confirm.

Fans who’ve seen Pink in concert know that performing while swinging on a trapeze is not uncommon for her. However, at the 2010 Grammys what was different was the lights hanging from above, which made her a bit sick, the singer reveals for the aforementioned publication. Add to that the fact that she was upside down and that she was even dipped in a pool of water sometime through the performance and, as Pink puts it, she has just made it impossible for any other artist to find an excuse to lip-synch.

“When I do it [on tour], I don’t have lights above me,” Pink tells People of her performance. “Tonight, there were lights above me, so it almost went into a strobe thing, and I actually did get a little turned around. I thought… I was going to fall on my [backside]. But I worked it out. I would say that no one ever has another excuse to lip sync,” the singer adds.

Pink attended the Grammys in the company of her husband, Carey Hart, from whom she split a while back and was later reconciled. Part of the album that landed her two Grammy nominations (including for Best Pop Vocal Album for “Funhouse” and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Sober”) was written for Hart, with Pink starting work on it when they were already experiencing marital problems. However, all those problems are now gone, she stressed at the awards ceremony in a media interview.

“We never really got divorced. We really hate paperwork. Everything is really wonderful. It’s full circle. My muse for my nominations is here tonight, and it’s pretty funny. He’s hot,” Pink said, as cited by the same magazine.

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