Pilot's Reaction to His Causing a Sonic Boom Is Hilarious

His sonic boom caused $22K in damage, so “oh, [expletive]” is an understatement

Back in April, a fighter pilot working with the Davis-Monthah Air Force Base in Arizona ended up creating a sonic boom that really shook both people and buildings in Tucson simply by hitting the throttle too hard while trying to get back in formation.

The pilot, whose name has not yet been made public, was engaged in a practice run for an air show. However, his surpassing the speed of sound for several consecutive seconds was by no means part of the performance.

Hence the pilot's reaction: "Oh, [expletive]!" To those wishing to find out what [expletive] stands for: try reading "park" backwards, and change the "k" with a "c."

Now that the investigation into this incident reached its end, it seems that the base's officials agreed to assume full responsibility and pay for damages caused by this pilot, sources report.

Final estimates indicate that the sonic boom caused $22K (€16,624.1) in damage.

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