Picture of the Day: Week-Old Baby Elephant Goes for a Swim

The elephant still has to figure out what water is all about, yet mum is ready to help

This picture has been taken at a zoo in Melbourne and shows a 7-days-old baby elephant going for a swim with its mother.

Truth be told, its splashing around in the water hardly qualifies as swimming, unless sitting on one's side, partly submerged in water, is some new and rather eccentric way of getting about while in aquatic environments.

Whereas most of the people who happen to come face to face with this picture will let out a few giggles, the baby elephant's mother is more likely experiencing pride rather than amusement.

From where I stand, I can honestly say that, at least as far as cuteness goes, this baby elephant really does give Olympic swimmers a run for their money.

“I need to pat him on the head so much xxxxx,” reads one of the comments listed under this adorable picture.

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