Picture of the Day: US Record-Setting Snowfall As Seen from Space

This stunning image was released by the NASA Earth Observatory

As reported, the United States was recently hit by a major winter storm that translated into whiteout conditions and which dumped impressive amounts of snow on several of the country's states.

The picture above was taken on February 25, and made available to the general public by the NASA Earth Observatory.

It is easily noticeable that both Colorado and its surrounding states were pretty much blanketed by snow. In fact, sources say that in certain areas fairly close to Denver, over 27 inches (69 centimeters) of snow ended up covering the ground.

As was to be expected, traffic in these regions was pretty much brought to a standstill as a result of the massive snowfall.

Furthermore, rumor has it that three people lost their lives in accidents caused by the whiteout conditions.

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