Picture of the Day: The State-of-the-Art Skyscraper of 2050

Engineering multinational Arup releases picture of how future skyscrapers might look like

Most of the times, my Picture of the Day shows either a pet, or some other animal behaving in an insanely funny way. Still, this time I wanted to introduce you to this sketch showing how the skyscrapers of the future might look like.

The design for this innovative building was brought forth by engineering firm Arup, and it is already causing quite a stir amongst greenheads and architecture enthusiasts.

By the looks of it, one such skyscraper would rely heavily on green-oriented energy sources and would also do its best in promoting recycling and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle amongst its inhabitants.

“The urban building of the future fosters this innate quality, essentially functioning as a living organism in its own right - reacting to the local environment and engaging with the users within,” engineers working with Arup explained when unveiling this design.

Furthermore, “By producing food and energy, and providing clean air and water, buildings evolve from being passive shells into adaptive and responsive organisms - living and breathing structures supporting the cities of tomorrow.”

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