Picture of the Day: The Cutest, Happiest Animal in the World

These marsupials live in Australia, researchers say they are as friendly as they look

There is no denying that this little creature is by far one of the cutest in the world, both because of its tiny stature and expressive figure, and because it looks so darn happy while eating and sleeping.

In all fairness, almost everybody enjoys said two activities, yet it seems that this small mammal appreciates them a tad more than ordinary folks.

For those unaware, this species of Australian marsupials is known to the scientific community as the Quokka.

Needless to say, they pose no threats to humans and wildlife researchers say that they are as friendly as they look.

The Quokka is presently listed as a vulnerable species, yet efforts are being made to keep them from becoming extinct.

Sources report that the most important threat that these marsupials have to face is their being hunted by Australia's dingoes and foxes.

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