Picture of the Day: Sumatran Tiger Is the Ultimate Snowball Warrior

Daseep is convinced the snowballs mean business, does not hesitate to fight back

While some of its relatives keep themselves entertained by slaying Frosty and one of its friends, a Sumatran tigress living at the Dudley Zoological Gardens, England very much enjoys fighting off some vicious snowballs.

The zoo's employees explain that, despite its being 2-years-old, Daseep never got to experience the joys of playing with the snow before. This is because it was born in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia.

“This is the first heavy snow Daseep has seen and keepers thought she would stay cosy in her heated den, but she couldn't wait to explore,” zoo employee Jill Hitchman told members of the press.

“Keepers built her a snowman which she demolished in minutes then spent the afternoon throwing snowballs which she absolutely loved catching with her paws,” he went on to add.

As far as I am concerned, there is little denying that this tigress truly is the ultimate snowball warrior.

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