Picture of the Day: Stunning Swan Photo Goes Viral

The photo shows a man feeding swans on a snowy riverbank

The picture above got over 4,000 likes on Facebook shortly after having been posted, and some are now busy arguing that it might just be the picture of the century.

Marcin Ryczek, the man who took this photo, says that, when making the decision to introduce the online community to it, he had no idea that the otherwise plain image of a man feeding some swans and some ducks would end up causing such a stir, sources report.

Truth be told, the picture is nothing if not beautifully composed, seeing how it brings forth three major oppositions: black and white, man and bird, snow and water.

“Superb! Great work!” reads one comment to this photo.

Here's hoping it will not be long until Marcin Ryczek introduces us to other stunning photos of things which more often than not go ignored.

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