Picture of the Day: Snake Coils Around a Heron's Beak

The snake was merely trying to save its own life, got eaten anyway

This picture was taken in Delray Beach, Florida, US by photographer Peter Brannon, and shows how, in a desperate attempt to save its own life, a snake ended up coiling around a heron's beak.

Peter Brannon explains that this reptile put up quite a fight, and that it took the bird almost 15 minutes before it managed to untangle it from around its beak and eat it, sources report.

In all fairness, it is quite likely that the snake also gave up the fight after a while, seeing how battling a bird several times its size must not have been such an easy thing to do.

“The heron hopped and jumped and took a small flight closer to me where he could deal with his breakfast conundrum with more effectiveness. The stalemate lasted about 15 minutes with the stubborn snake refusing to let go,” Peter Brannon says.

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