Picture of the Day: Siberian Flying Squirrel Smiles for the Camera

These adorable animals are the only species of flying squirrels found in Europe

The adorable creature in the picture above is a Siberian Flying Squirrel, also referred to by the scientific community as Pteromys volans.

Apparently, these fuzzy animals are Europe's only species of flying squirrels, hence their sparking the interest of numerous wildlife researchers.

Within the European Union, such squirrels can only be found in Finland and Estonia, where they are listed as a vulnerable species.

In case anyone was wondering, the Siberian Flying Squirrels get their name from the fact that, with the help of a flap of skin stretching from their front to their hind legs, they can travel through air over a distance of over one hundred meters.

More often than not, these animals feed on leaves, seeds, cones, buds, sprouts, nuts and berries. However, they do not shy away from indulging in bird eggs and nestlings every once in a while.

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