Picture of the Day: Seal Pup Gets Comfortable on a Dashboard

The baby seal escaped from the car's boot, made it clear it only travels in the front seat

The baby seal in this picture was recently rescued from a car park at a ferry terminal in Cairnryan, a small Scottish village.

Apparently, the seal pup got confused because of the stormy weather, and this caused in to leave its natural habitat and set out to explore the ferry terminal.

Despite the fact that the people who stumbled upon it decided that it would be best to place the baby seal in the boot of a car and patiently wait for the animal rescuers to arrive, the seal had other plans.

Thus, it escaped from the boot by pushing down one of the rear seats, and made its way towards the car's dashboard, sources report.

For the time being, the baby seal is looked after by the Scottish SPCA. Its caretakers hope that, once its dehydration is properly dealt with, the seal will be released back into the wild.

This is expected to happen in one month's time.

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