Picture of the Day: Santa Serenades Beluga Whale

Santa played Christmas tunes on a saxophone, delighted Juno

A 10-year-old beluga whale living at the Mystic Aquarium has recently received a visit from Santa. Unfortunately for Juno, Santa did not bring any fish or the like.

However, he did bring his saxophone and used it to serenade the whale. As seen in the picture above, Juno is rather fascinated by both the weird-looking man standing in front of it, and the peculiar noises he keeps making with the help of his instrument.

Judging by the fact that Juno stuck around until Santa finished his performance, most people agree that the beluga whale must have really enjoyed the show.

Sources say that this species of marine mammals produces very musical sounds, which is probably why Juno was so interested in hearing this man sing. In other words, the whale's inborn vocalizing abilities foster its fascination for music.

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