Picture of the Day: Richard III's Reconstructed Face Is Revealed

Skull found in a parking lot allows researchers to reconstruct the late king's face

It was only yesterday when the news broke that some remains found by researchers back in last year's September belonged to Richard III, a 15th century monarch whose death changed the course of history.

Using the skull found together with Richard III's bones, specialists have managed to reconstruct the late king's face.

More precisely, the people who worked on this project resorted to taking a 3D scan of the skull, and then proceeded to adding layers of muscle and skin with the help of a computer program, Daily Mail reports.

Apparently, this reconstructed face is fairly similar to the one shown by paintings of this dead king. Thus, Richard the third appears both young and not at all unpleasant to look at.

“He's very handsome. It's like you could just talk to him, have a conversation with him right now,” said Philippa Langley, a member of the Richard III Society.

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