Picture of the Day: Rescued Cat and Rabbit Are Best Friends

The two animals could not care less that they belong to different species

This picture shows that, when it comes to making new friends, it really does not matter what species one belongs to.

Thus, a rescued cat named Kara and a bunny called Melba share a very special bond, despite the fact that they hardly have anything in common (except an inborn passion for sleeping, apparently).

Given the fact that Kara spends most of its awake time grooming Melba, some might wonder whether or not the latter ever gets tired of getting this much attention.

Still, their human mother says that this is not the case, Buzzfeed reports.

As she puts it, “Kara can groom Melba all she wants and Melba never tires of Kara’s attention. They share a special bond with each other and the fact that they’re different species makes no difference to them.”

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