Picture of the Day: Paralyzed Piggy Gets Blue Wheelchair for Support

Chris P. Bacon cannot use his hind legs, needs help getting around

The piggy in the picture above is named Chris P. Bacon (read it out loud to get the full effect), and has to rely on a wheelchair in order to move about.

The man now looking after this adorable fellow explains that the piggy cannot make use of his hind legs not because of some accident but because he was born this way.

Sources report that Chris P. Bacon is only a few weeks old, and has yet to grow accustomed to life on wheels.

Still, here's hoping it will eventually learn to properly make use of the peculiar device now trailing him everywhere he goes.

The wheelchair now attached to Chris P. Bacon's body was pieced together by Dr. Len Lucero, a veterinarian in Clermont, Florida, who decided to take care of this piggy after his being abandoned by his rightful owner.

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