Picture of the Day: Night-Time Las Vegas As Seen from Space

The city looks fairly similar to a ginormous ball of light

Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, who now finds himself aboard the International Space Station, has recently taken a picture of night-time Las Vegas as seen from space.

Luckily for us, he considered it worthwhile to tweet this picture.

As one can easily notice, night-time Las Vegas looks fairly similar to a gigantic ball of light. In fact, some very imaginative individuals went as far as to say that this urban area could easily be mistaken for a portal to another world.

The picture was taken from roughly 250 miles (about 400 kilometers) above the Earth's surface, and it looks like even the camera used by Colonel Christ Hadfield “believes” that the city is a tad too bright.

“Here's Las Vegas late at night. Even my NightPod camera found the lights too bright,” reads the message accompanying this picture on Twitter.

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