Picture of the Day: Nemo Blizzard As Seen from Space

The massive snowstorm looks all the more frightening when seen from above

The picture above was taken yesterday by NOAA's GOES-13 satellite and shows winter storm Nemo beginning to form.

As previously reported, this blizzard comes as a direct result of two separate storms merging to form a brand new one.

“Two storms will merge quickly enough to bring colder air, heavy snow and increasing wind to New England. Some areas will be hit with an all-out blizzard and a couple of feet of snow,” meteorologists explained only a couple of days ago.

All things considered, it looks like this storm will dump several feet of snow on an area stretching from New York to Maine.

According to some specialists, the Nemo blizzard is quite likely to give the 1978 blizzard a run for its money, seeing how New England will get to experience massive snowfalls, powerful winds, and even thunder and lightning.

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