Picture of the Day: Mutant Squirrel Shows Up in Southampton

Witnesses say this strange squirrel has a ginormous, yellow head

There you have it: the ultimate proof that environmental pollution can lead to mutant life forms being born into this world.

The frightfully-looking squirrel pictured above was spotted in a nature reserve in Southampton not very long ago, and those who got the chance to see it up close maintain that its gigantic, yellow head can scare even the bravest of people.

Joking aside, this picture was indeed taken in Southampton, only that the big head adorning the squirrel's body was actually a feeder installed by John Horne, the man in charge of looking after this nature reserve.

“The squirrel was a bit wary of the feeder at first, but he soon realised there were peanuts inside and began poking his head in to get them.”

“It was really funny and looked very unusual to see a squirrel eating nuts from inside the huge head,” John Horne later told members of the press.

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