Picture of the Day: Mother Lion Lifts Up One of Its Cubs

The baby lion is roughly the size of its mother's head

Not long ago, a lioness living in a Colombian zoo gave birth to three cubs, which are now the pride and the joy of this animal sanctuary.

The picture above shows Lemon, as this lioness is named, trying to grab one of its cubs and lifting it off the ground. As one can easily notice, the cub is roughly the size of its mother's head.

This means that Lemon must be extremely careful when handling it, or risk unintentionally harming it.

According to Daily Mail, one of the Cali Zoo's employees, Susan Posada, commented on Lemon's giving birth to these cubs as follows: “She made us immensely happy by having triplets.”

For the time being, the lion cubs rely solely on their mother's milk for nutrients, yet it is to be expected that it will not be long until they feel the urge to sink their teeth in some meat.

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