Picture of the Day: Mini Horse Sports Colorful Casts, One on Each of Its Legs

This mini horse named Roo is just 19 inch tall, weighs about 50 pounds

The horse pictured above is named Roo and, as one can easily notice, its size is by no means an impressive one. Thus, this mini horse only measures about 19 inches (roughly 48 centimeters) in height, and weighs a mere 50 pounds (about 22.5 kilograms).

Roo is now 22 months old and its having to wear a cast on each of its legs has to do with the fact that its limbs display several deformities that keep it from walking and sprinting properly, sources report.

Still, Christine Clark, Roo's owner, hopes that, should she succeed in raising the money needed for corrective surgery, it will not be long until this mini horse is able to make proper use of its legs.

“I made the commitment to him, that if he continues to have a good quality of life, that I would continue to advocate for him. He is an absolute inspiration to me, so much more than people will ever know. I never imagined just how much,” Christine Clark told members of the press.

For more pictures, check out Roo's Facebook page here.

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