Picture of the Day: Lioness Turns Her Back on Dozens of Annoying Tourists

The feline is simply sick and tired of posing for the camera, shows its discontent

The photo above was taken in Tanzania and clearly shows that hunting or abusing wild animals is not the only way to stress them and make them dread human presence.

As one can easily notice, the lioness in this picture got sick and tired of posing for the camera, and simply turned its back on the dozens of tourists who hoped that their taking part in a safari would translate into their getting the chance to film and/or photograph lions in their natural habitat.

Sources report that the lioness refused to spare even one glance at the tourists, despite the fact that they kept shouting various things at it in order to convince it to turn around and smile for the camera.

Martin Henfield, the man who took this picture, explained how, “The safari guides are all in radio contact and no sooner had we arrived than more than 20 vehicles came along and formed a crescent around the lioness. She just turned her back and stayed like that.”

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