Picture of the Day: Lion Cub Hates the Pope, Goes Bananas When He Touches It

This cub cannot stand being touched by His Holiness

Given the fact that lions are presently listed as a vulnerable species, one would suspect that a lion cub would be more than overjoyed to be touched by His Holiness and thus gain some much needed extra points in terms of being watched over by a greater power.

Still, the baby lion in this picture is anything but happy to have Pope Benedict XVI trying to pet it. The picture was taken in Vatican, after several street performers came here to receive their blessings, sources explain.

Some might go as far as to say that the lion cub looks almost as if the Pope managed to stir some of its inner demons, yet I'll settle for pointing out the fact that these big cats, leashes and large crowds do not and should not come together.

In other words, the lion cub was probably all stressed out after being made to wear a leash and walk around the streets of Vatican.

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