Picture of the Day: Lion Cub Is Not Impressed by Its Mother's Growl

The picture was taken in Zimbabwe, shows lions are not just fierce predators

The picture above was shot in Zimbabwe by photographer Carole Deschuymere, who got the amazing opportunity to come fairly close to a pride of lions.

Carole Deschuymere explains that neither the male lion, nor the lionesses and not even the cubs bothered to pay attention to the fact that some intruder was “stalking” them, and simply went about their business.

“This family of lions were so relaxed here they didn't pay any attention to the car I was in at all. At one point when the father came into the pride he was playfully growling at one of his cubs, who gave him a playful slap in the face. It was very sweet,” Carole said.

From where I stand, the lioness in this picture is most likely trying to teach its cub how to properly growl. However, the baby lion hardly seems impressed with its mother's attempts to look fierce.

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