Picture of the Day: Lion Cub Bursts Out Laughing

Despite its young age, this baby lion has a rather impressive set of teeth to show off

The picture above was taken by an amateur photographer at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina.

Although at a first glance some people might wish to say that the lion cub is indeed laughing, odds are it was merely yawning. Still, this does not change the fact that the picture is hilarious, to say the least.

As one can easily notice, this young lion has a very impressive set of teeth to show off, and it is quite likely that, once it grows a tad more, its so-called smile will scare the life out of some people (me included).

“I stood there for an hour, kept the lens right on the cubs and just watched through it until he smiled. You can't get this kind of a facial expression unless you're really lucky and you've got to have a lot of patience,” photographer Randy Rimland told members of the press.

“If you wait they will do something funny, like this one did,” he later said.

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