Picture of the Day: Light Pollution Caused by Fracking As Seen from Space

Satellite images made public by NASA show North Dakota's light pollution

The picture above was taken by NASA satellites and shows how fracking in North Dakota must be held accountable for upping local light pollution levels.

As explained on Ecorazzi, the light pollution seen and marked in this picture is nothing like the one that affects most urban areas. Thus, this light comes as a result of burning natural gas as it rises to the surface.

More precisely, workers drilling in this area are allowed to flare off the gas and keep it alight for up to twelve months. Needless to say, this confuses both people and local wildlife.

“I lived in western North Dakota for the second half of 2012 for workThe light pollution is so bad that people get confused and think they are driving towards the sunrise in the early hours of the day,” reads one comment for this picture.

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