Picture of the Day: Hedgehog Takes a Bath

Ragweed very much enjoys curling in a ball and floating about

I truly believe that the hedgehog in the picture above should apply for a job at a shipyard as soon as possible.

I mean, given its knowledge on buoyancy, it has every chance of being put in charge of all ship building and ship repairing activities in less than a month.

Ragweed's owner explains that, although the hedgehog is a tad reluctant towards the idea of taking a bath, once you place it in the water, it simply curls into a ball and starts floating about.

However, this was the first time when Ragweed decided to float on its back.

According to Daily Mail, people who keep hedgehogs as pets must bathe them regularly, i.e. at least once every two weeks, so I'm guessing Ragweed gets to perfect its floating skills quite often.

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