Picture of the Day: Epic Battle Settles Which Squirrel Gets the Peanut

This clash of the rodents is bound to cause a few giggles

The photo above was shot at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario, Canada, and shows two squirrels kicking the whatnot out of each other in order to decide which of them gets to feast on an otherwise humble and utterly-not-extraordinary peanut.

But then again, fights like these are almost never about the peanut alone: there are always points to make, egos to bend and assert, giggles to stir.

From where I stand, this epic battle has every chance of making a clash between Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan look like nothing more and nothing less than child's play.

As Daily Mail informs us, the photo was taken by amateur photographer Andre Morozov, who later said that, “It was amazing to see. I often come here and see the squirrels but you never see them become this animated so close up.”

“The pictures are like something from a fight scene in a film. It looks almost rehearsed,” Andre Morozov went on to add.

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