Picture of the Day: Dog Kissing Booth Goes Viral

This pooch is so annoyingly cute, people must be fighting for its kisses

The idea of making a couple of bucks with the help of a kissing booth is nothing new. Still, odds are the dog in this picture can earn a fortune by selling his love to those who can afford it and who are willing to buy it.

In all fairness, I am quite convinced that Ebenezer Scrooge himself would not think twice about willingly letting go of some of his coins when coming face to face with this adorable pooch.

The picture was posted on Reddit not very long ago, and became a viral sensation in a matter of hours, sources say.

However, several complaints have been raised against it. Thus, some say that the picture is Photoshopped, whereas others maintain that it is a repost.

Needless to say, most dog lovers could not care less about these observations.

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