Picture of the Day: Diver Comes Face to Face with Fish “Tornado”

Bigeye trevally fish only form such shoals during their breeding season

The picture above was taken in the waters of the Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico by photographer Octavio Aburto.

As Octavio explains, the bigeye trevally fish featured in this image only form such “tornadoes” during their breeding season.

It is this man's belief that his taking such pictures and introducing them to the general public will help raise awareness with respect to the need to protect marine ecosystems.

“If good science is supported with strong images, photography can be an effective tool that draws widespread attention to conservation issues, thus pressing decision-makers to look after natural resources,” Octavio Aburto told members of the press.

“I believe that I can make the biggest contribution to conservation and management issues for marine ecosystems by translating natural history and scientific issues into images that can directly impact and influence public perception, practices by local people, and government policy,” he added.

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