Picture of the Day: Close-Up of a Roaring Tigress

This amazing photo was taken at the Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tigers are impressive predators, and the tigress featured in this photo more than owns up to the specie's reputation.

The photograph was taken at the Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta, Indonesia, and some might say that Ana, as this Sumatran tiger is named, must have been really mad throughout the entire photo shoot.

Syahrul Ramadan, the man who took this picture, admits that this was indeed the case. Thus, he only got one very small window of opportunity to take this close-up of the roaring tiger before he was forced to leave its pen, sources report.

In all fairness, there are few who would have had the nerve to even enter Ana's pen in the first place.

However, the people in charge of looking after Ana claim that it is rather friendly, at least as long as things go its way.

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