Picture of the Day: Chipmunk Gives Teddy Bear a Kiss

Sadly, the teddy bear does not seem very responsive

As long as a dog gets to have a rather passionate love story with a stick, I see no reason why a chipmunk could not become romantically involved with a teddy bear.

Unless, as is the case in the picture above, said teddy bear proves to be a tad unresponsive and decides that staring into the distance is way better than returning the chipmunk's kiss.

Hopefully, these two will eventually figure out a way to sort things out. Truth be told, they are about the same size and both of them happen to be brown, so there is no way their relationship can't work.

“No matter what that things is, still is better love story than twilight!” reads one comment to this picture.

“Awwwww,” another one (and very elaborate, I might add) says.

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