Picture of the Day: Chipmunk Bites Off Way More Than It Can Chew

The chipmunk’s efforts to stuff as many peanuts as possible in its mouth are hilarious

Not very long ago, Richard Bishop from Toronto, Canada went to visit some friends in Ontario and ended up taking this adorable picture of a chipmunk that seemed determined to stuff as many peanuts as possible in its mouth.

Apparently, Richard Bishop was the one who offered the peanuts to the chipmunk in the first place.

The latter simply refused to eat them on the spot and settled instead for collecting them and putting them in storage in some hidden location.

“He must have smelled or heard me eating peanuts on the deck outside and came back time and time again to take peanuts from me,” said amateur photographer later told members of the press.

“He never tried to break the nuts in front of me but instead to stuff as many as possible in its mouth before going back to put them in storage,” Richard Bishop went on to add.

Here's hoping the peanuts tasted good enough to be worth all that trouble.

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