Picture of the Day: China's Air Pollution Spike As Seen from Space

NASA releases photos showing just how polluted this country's air is

As previously reported, several of China's regions are now experiencing a record-breaking pollution spike, which forced numerous of this country's residents to remain indoors and not risk their health by venturing out on the streets.

Furthermore, schools were asked to suspend all outdoor activities, The Verge says.

In case anyone assumed that media outlets were exaggerating when writing about how bad the situation in China was, here is the proof that this country really has to work on improving its ecological footprint.

Two pictures, which show how the air over China's northeastern regions looked like before (on the right) and after becoming engulfed with smog (on the left), have been released by NASA's Earth Observatory.

Following this pollution spike, Chinese officials ordered several factories to partly shut down in order to cut back on their emissions.

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