Picture of the Day: Boston in the Aftermath of the Nemo Blizzard

This picture was taken from the cockpit of a 777 jet two days after the snowstorm

The Nemo blizzard has pretty much buried the northeast of the United States under whopping amounts of snow, and some people are still trying to make head and tail of the new landscape unfolding before their eyes.

As one can easily notice from the picture above, Boston was in for a special treat, meaning that its eastern regions witnessed a massive snowfall that hid its streets and buildings from view.

Apparently, the picture above was taken from the cockpit of a 777 jet just two days after said snowstorm had taken place.

Soon after being uploaded online, the picture went viral, meaning that it got thousands upon thousands of upvotes on Reddit.

Truth be told, the picture is amazing, to say the least, so it is no wonder that people have taken such a liking to it.

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