Picture of the Day: Beluga Whale Photobombs Kids

The picture was taken by the children's mother during a visit to the aquarium

There is no denying that beluga whales are both adorable and quite photogenic. Judging by this picture, they are also quite aware of the fact that their cute faces stand to draw significant amounts of attention whenever photographed.

The picture was taken by the children's mother at an aquarium, and became quite a sensation soon after making it on Reddit.

“Took the kids to the aquarium and they got photobombed by a beluga,” the woman wrote as an explanation for the photo.

For those unaware, beluga whales are presently listed as a nearly threatened species, which is why several conservation groups are doing their best in trying to raise awareness with respect to the need to protect their natural habitats.

Here's hoping that this picture will play its fair share in placing this threatened species under the spotlight.

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