Picture of the Day: Baby Fennec Fox Steps Out to Greet the Public

Most people agree this furry creature looks annoyingly adorable

The baby Fennec fox featured in the picture above was born in last year's December at the Taronga Zoo in Australia. Together with its two siblings, the fox spent the first few weeks of its life hiding in a so-called nesting tunnel.

Still, it has now gathered quite a lot of courage, hence its deciding to go out and great the crowds.

For the time being, neither this fox, nor its siblings have a name. Furthermore, the staff working at said zoo are yet to figure out which one is a boy, and which one is a girl.

However, a medical exam will follow in less than a month's time, and hopefully this issue will be sorted out, Buzzfeed reports.

Commenting on these baby foxes' decision to step out of their nesting tunnel, one of the people in charge of looking after them said that, “They are becoming braver and bolder every day.”

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