Picture of the Day: Arthritic Goat Sports Pink Rain Boots

12-year-old Maisie has arthritis, the boots help ease some of the pain

Quite some time ago, a picture of a man who used to go swimming with his dog, in order to help ease some of the pain that the animal was experiencing as a result of arthritis, went viral.

Apparently, there are other people out there who are as committed to the animals in their care as John Unger is to Schoep.

Hence this picture showing a 12-year-old goat whose owners have decided to invest in two pairs of pink rain boots, just to make sure Maisie is still able to get around during rainy weather.

From what I can tell, this goat quite enjoys wearing the boots, and has no issues with the fact that the bright pink does not really match its fur.

Truth be told, it might actually be quite pleased with its footwear, seeing how the boots make it stand out amongst its fellow grazers.

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