Picture of the Day: Alien Creature Caught on Camera in Peru

The creature had large, odd-looking ears and a really nasty tongue

Those brainiacs who used a balloon to prove that outer space is teeming with alien life might have been mocked by the scientific community, but, as the picture above proves, they really were on to something.

The creature above was caught on camera by a park ranger in a remote corner of Peru. As one can easily notice, it has really big, odd-looking ears of a purplish color.

Its tongue is pretty weird too. Just look at it hanging out of its mouth, all long and pointy.

Now, before people start looking for their shotguns and getting ready for an alien invasion, it need be said that this picture merely shows a cane toad trying to eat a bat.

Yup, the creature's ears are actually the bat's wings, and the tongue is the bat's tail.

“We’re unsure how common this is, but we do know that this is probably the first photographed record of a cane toad feeding on a bat,” wildlife biologist Phil Torres explains, as cited by Grind TV.

According to Yufani Olaya, the ranger who snapped the picture, the toad soon gave up on its plan to eat the bat, and spat it out. The latter did not take long to figure out that it might be best to fly away.

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