Picture of the Day: Albino Squirrel Steals Food from a Bird Feeder

Albino squirrels are easily spotted by predators, have a difficult time surviving

The albino squirrel in this picture lives in West Lothian, Scotland, and has apparently grown quite fond of bird food. Hence its trying to steal it with every chance it gets.

In all fairness, the stuff it finds in the bird feeder it robs on an almost daily basis mostly consists of peanuts and similar other delicacies, so nobody can really blame it for choosing to feast on these readily available treats.

Daily Mail informs us that Mrs. Logan, the woman responsible for filling up the bird feeder once the squirrel and its lunch mates empty it, has decided to name this little fellow Albert.

“Albert first appeared during the terrible winter of December 2010. Since then he has made regular appearances. He comes along for his feed and then off he pops,” Mrs. Logan states.

Since albino squirrels can easily be spotted by predators, not many of them manage to survive in the wilderness.

However, here's hoping that Albert will stick around for many winters to come.

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