Picasa Web Enables Panoramio Photo Uploads

Google also releases Picasa for Windows in 38 languages

Picasa users with a passion for geotagging their photos have something to be happy about, Google has now enabled them to upload a photo straight from a Picasa Web Album to Panoramio, Google's geotagging-inclined photo-sharing site, so they can share the interesting locations they've been to and their great talent for photography with the world. And while it's at it, Google has also released an updated desktop client and Picasa 3.6 now supports 38 languages.

"Starting today, we are happy to announce that you can upload your pictures right from Picasa Web Albums into Panoramio. By uploading your best photos of places into Panoramio you can share them with the Panoramio community and the world through Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Search, and more," Roger Trias i Sanz, Panoramio software engineer, announced.

"Panoramio is a community for hosting relevant photos about places, so every photo uploaded into Panoramio will be reviewed to ensure it meets the criteria to be included in Google Earth," he explained.

To upload, or rather, copy a photo from Picasa Web Albums to Panoramio, the image has to have a location associated with it (geo-tagged) and has to be in a public album. The photo will get an "Upload to Panoramio" link under the Photo Location map. You will need to have a Panoramio account or create one in order to upload any photo. Once these requirements are met, everything else is pretty straightforward.

After copying the photo, it has to remain public in Picasa, likely a privacy measure. Also note that a copy of the photo will be made for Panoramio and deleting it from just one location will not remove it from the other and you will have to do so manually for both services.

In the meantime, the Picasa desktop client for Widows has been updated and now supports several new languages. "We're happy to announce that Picasa 3.6 for Windows is now available in 38 languages, so people around the world can add name tags to their photos, create collaborative albums, and geotag their photos using Google Maps," Tara Morrison, software test engineer at Google, announced.

Picasa 3.6 for Windows is available for download here.

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