Photosynths from the Obama Inauguration Events

Now available for browsing

Microsoft was right on the spot to capture the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the U.S., and is currently offering users the possibility of reliving the event. One way for digital content associated with the event to be accessed is the company's Photosynth technology. Combining digital images from professional and amateur photographers, Microsoft has allowed for the creation of a variety of synths capturing the events surrounding Obama's inauguration. At this point in time, the Photosynths are available for browsing at this link.

The Redmond giant is advising people present at the inauguration events to “upload [their digital images] to Photosynth. When viewing your synth page, click the icon to Geotag your synth (Mark it on the map). We’ll be watching for inauguration synths and will be collecting the best on a special inauguration map,” Darius Monsef, program manager of community for Photosynth, revealed.

Some synths have already been made available on a map created via Live Search Maps. The items can be explored, with the synths offering views of the inauguration. All that users will have to do is hover their mouse over the icons/push-pins, in order to access a specific collection of images. Monsef stressed the importance of geotaging synths for the users uploading their photos.

“In order for us to locate your synth on our special inauguration map, or on any of our Live Search Maps, we need you to geotag your synths. You can do this when viewing your synth pages. There is a globe icon below your synth title on the right side of the page. Click that icon and place your synth on the map by finding your location and then clicking where you want the synth geotagged. There is a save button at the bottom of that map popup,” Monsef added.

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