Photos of Man with a Rifle in a Utah Store Go Viral

The former military was protesting again gun control laws

Following heated debates on whether or not the American government should pass laws for stricter gun control, a man decided to prove that guns were safe, in the hands of the right people.

According to the Standard-Examiner, he entered a JC Penney in Riverdale, with an assault weapon strapped to his back.

Needless to say, 22-year-old former military Joseph Kelley's photos of his stunt spread like wildfire.

“I understand that he had a concealed weapons permit and called dispatch and said he had planned to do this, so they were aware of this,” Cynthia Yorgason, who snapped the picture on Wednesday, January 16, told reporters.

Kelley hasn't broken the law, since Utah is an open-carry state, but he did raise a few eyebrows. Give your opinion on whether or not he was right to display the weapon, in the comments section.

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