Photos Prove Beyonce Is Faking Her Pregnancy

Baby bump folds in on itself during interview, reports claim she’s faking it

When Beyonce walked the red carpet at the VMAs 2011 and then made the pregnancy announcement at the end of her live performance, many were left wondering where she’d hidden the bump until then. Conspiracy theories have just received a brand new boost.

The singer was on Sunday Night HD, an Australian show, to talk about her pregnancy, her career so far and, last but not least, to confirm that she was due to give birth in February.

While the interview itself contains more details than any other she’s given since announcing she was with child, it’s not that that’s getting headlines – but rather something that occurred even before it began.

As the video below show, after the introduction, Beyonce is seen coming in the room and sitting down across from the interviewer.

At exactly the 0.54-second mark, a strange thing happens to her baby bump, as she’s sitting down (screenshots are also attached to this article): it folds in on itself and then returns to previous shape as she sits down.

Media Take Out says such a thing would never happen with a real baby bump, and concludes that Beyonce is actually wearing a prosthetic bump to fake her pregnancy.

“Last night, Beyonce was interviewed on British [sic] television – and she exposed her prosthetic bump. As the below photos show, when Bey went to sit down, her ‘stomach’ folder over – into a position that is impossible for a real pregnant belly to bend,” MTO writes.

“And then, when Bey realized that she may have inadvertently revealed that she was wearing a prosthetic – she had a ‘busted’ look on her face,” adds the e-zine.

SandraRose agrees: there is no way for a normal baby bump to fold like this, which means she must be deceiving people by wearing a memory foam one, to make them believe she’s actually carrying a child.

A possible explanation for that would be, the latter publication notes, that she’s faking the pregnancy while a surrogate mother is carrying one to term.

Check out the interview below – and keep an eye out for the 0.54 mark to see what the fuss is all about. Do let us know what you make of it in the comments section.

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