Photos Confirm Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Are Together Again

She spent 4 whole hours at his home in Beverly Hills, left alone

Robert Pattinson might have had his heart broken when Kristen Stewart cheated on him with Rupert Sanders, and they might have broken up in not-so-amicable terms but, right now, they’re still in contact. In fact, they just spent 4 whole hours together at his house.

Reports that the two have been “hooking up in secret” have been making the rounds for quite some time now but, until today, we never had any kind of proof to back them up: “insider” accounts don’t count.

E! News has photos of Kristen and Robert driving separately to his rented house in Beverly Hills, noting that they only went in when they realized they had picked “a paparazzi shadow” as they “tried to take the show on the road,” whatever that means.

Kristen left alone after 4 hours inside. There is a chance that she and Robert aren’t romantic again (yet) but, even if that’s the case, the fact that they’re talking again and spending so much time together could be a step in the right direction.

However, a source close to the handsome “Twilight” star says that, even if he and Kristen are sleeping together right now, that hardly means they’re in a relationship.

“Rob is single. He doesn't want to date anybody right now. Not Kristen, not anyone. He is really enjoying his life. I honestly believe they will not get back together. There is always a small chance something happens, but I highly doubt it,” the tipster explains.

“There was lots of animosity after the split, but as time moved on they moved on and they gradually got over it. They are cordial now,” adds another spy, who even doubts the two stars’ relationship is more than platonic.

Earlier reports also claimed that Robert was done with being in a monogamous, serious relationship (he and Kristen dated for 3 years before they broke up in May) and that he was only having fun with her, no more and no less.

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