Photographer’s Hair Catches on Fire at Wedding – Video

The bride bursts into giggling and hysterical laughter

This clip captures a scene that seems taken right out of college student flicks. A photographer was shooting at a wedding when her hair caught on fire.

It's not just one lock either – this woman's hair looks like it spontaneously combusted, most likely after coming in contact with a wedding candle.

Although one might think those around her would be sympathetic, the entire wedding party, led by the bride, burst into giggling and hysterical laughter.

In fact, the bride proves so insensitive to her problem that she signals to another guest to take a picture of the photographer as she struggles to put out the fire. Fortunately for her, there is another cameraman willing to keep filming during the incident.

Uploader Mark Thompson describes that the footage was captured at Netherwood Estate, in South Africa, and the victim is photographer Jacki Bruniquel.

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