Photobomb Viral Shot Features an Optical Illusion

A hilarious picture taken on a ferry will make your day

Reddit brings us yet another hilarious photobomb shot, this time with the added bonus of an unintentional optical illusion.

This photo was uploaded on Christmas Eve by Redditor sammyjay55, along with a rather cheeky comment.

“The longer you look at the man riding that woman, the funnier it gets...,” the description reveals. The snapshot was upvoted more than 35,000 times in the last 4 days, and was awarded 2,935 points.

The man in the picture managed to ruin this otherwise perfectly normal shot by just being on the same ferry as this family. However, animals can photobomb too, as a piece on a husky showed us earlier this month.

If you too crave funny, viral pictures, don't forget to check out the holiday photobomb compilation I posted not too long ago.

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